Thursday, December 1, 2011

Week 10: Sharing my final reflection

After reflecting on what I have learned in the course during the previous weeks and on what I will use in my classes in the future, this is what I could do, and found most relevant:

a) adapt effective web searches, skill-building websites, project-based learning, and online teacher resources for my own purposes;

b) learn about writing behavior-based learning objectives, learning styles and technology tools for multiple intelligences, how to encourage greater learner autonomy in my classes, teaching student-centered large classes, creating a lesson for a one-computer classroom, and apply all these concepts to meet my own needs;

c) learn how to create technology-enhanced lesson plans, WebQuests, rubrics and an interactive PowerPoint, and how to bookmark with Delicious;

d) develop a formal plan for incorporating technology into my teaching in a completely new way through a teacher blog.

This course has been most successful for me because it has helped me improve understanding of and actively engage in the analysis and adoption of innovative materials and practices in my teaching setting. Since my classes are part of the Teacher Training Curriculum at my university, I have already started with dissemination actions so that colleagues also benefit from this excellent train-the-trainers opportunity I have had. For example, I have already shared what ANVILL can offer to be used in the Phonetics and Phonology classes.

In short, I have greatly benefited from being a participant in this course with Robert as our instructor. Learning about new tools and materials that can be implemented in the classroom, and gaining a deeper understanding of online teaching practices as well as sharing this experience with teachers from all over the world has been a real turning point in my professional career. So thanks so much to you all!